What is an Assertive sentence?

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What is an Assertive sentence?

Definition of Assertive sentences & some examples of Assertive sentences -

- An assertive sentence is a sentence that makes a statement or that will describe something to be true or we can say an assertive sentence is a statement or an opinion with confidence and certainty.

- Assertive sentences are used to convey information or to express a belief or opinion. They can be used to describe something, make a prediction, or give a command.

- An assertive sentence makes a statement or declaration. It is a sentence that asserts or states a fact opinion or belief. It does not express doubt, uncertainty, or hesitation.

Sings of Assertive Sentence in English:

  1. Sub + verb + Full stop.
    Examples: 1. He runs. 2. The baby cries. 3. I laugh.

  2. Sub + Verb + Obj + Full stop.
    Examples: 1. I eat rice. 2. They play football. 3. He reads a book.

  3. Sub + Verb + obj + If there are other words + Full stop.
    Examples: 1. Father reads the newspaper every day. 2. Mother reads the Quran every morning.

Here are some examples of Assertive sentences:

  1. He is a good man so we should be good men.
  2. He read in class five, and I read in class seven.
  3. They are playing football and we are playing cricket.
  4. The sky is blue and the moon is white.
  5. I live in a small town but my friends live in a big city.
  6. She has three siblings.
  7. They are going to the beach tomorrow.
  8. He speaks English fluently.
  9. The cat is hiding under the bed.
  10. The morning is beautiful.
  11. He is a talented student.
  12. The sun rises in the east.
  13. I like to play football.
  14. The new policy has been implemented.
  15. I love chocolate ice cream.
  16. The movie was two hours long.
  17. The Earth is round.
  18. He is a very talented artist in our country and I like him.
  19. The sky is blue.
  20. Dogs make great pets.
  21. Tomatoes are a type of fruit.
  22. He is the president of the company.
  23. Water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius.
  24. She speaks three languages fluently.
  25. The book was written by me.
  26. The concert will start at 8 pm.
  27. Cats are very independent animals.
  28. Coffee is my favorite drink for the last 5 years.
  29. He is a very good friend of mine.
  30. The train leaves at 5 pm from the Khulna train station.
  31. Students are very good at English.
  32. English learning is not too hard for students if they practice every day.

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