What is an Imperative sentence

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What is an Imperative sentence

Definition of the imperative sentence and some examples -

- An imperative sentence is a sentence that is used to give instructions, commands, or orders.

-it typically does not have a subject explicitly stated but it is implied to be “you”(second person).

-it`s a type of sentence that expresses a strong request or a directive action.


- It usually begins with a verb and is used to tell someone to do something. 


- Imperative sentences are used to give orders, make requests, or give instructions. They can also be used to make suggestions or offer advice.


- An imperative sentence is a sentence that will mention order, advice, request, and prohibition to explain its call Imperative sentence.



1. In any imperative sentence second person as a subject, (You) will be hidden.
    Example: a) (You) Read the book. b) (You) Do the work.


2. In imperative sentences start with Let before the first (him) and third person (us).
    Example: a) Let him go. b) Let us do the work.


3. Please or kindly is used to understand a request in a sentence start or end.
    Example: a) Close the door, please. b) Kindly help me.


Sings of Assertive Sentence in English:

    1. Verb + Obj + Full stop.
        Examples: 1. Come here. 2. Go there. 3. Do the work.


    2. Please / kindly + Verb + Obj + Full stop.
        Examples: 1. Please help me. 2. Kindly do the work.


    3. Let + Obj + Verb + Full stop.
        Examples: 1. Let me go. 2. Let him come.


    4. Let + Obj + Verb + Obj + Full stop.
        Examples: 1. Let me write a letter. 2. Let him do the work.


Here are some examples of Imperative sentences:

  1. Bring me a glass of water.
  2. Please go to bed to sleep.
  3. Close the door behind you.
  4. Please pass the salt.
  5. Sit down and be quiet.
  6. Don’t forget to brush your teeth.
  7. Try your best on the test.
  8. Pack your bags for the trip.
  9. Turn off the computer when you’re finished.
  10. Turn off the lights when you leave.
  11. Put your coat on.
  12. Listen carefully.
  13. Stop talking and pay attention.
  14. Start the engine.
  15. Clean your room.
  16. Drink plenty of water.
  17. Go to bed early.
  18. Eat your vegetables.
  19. Exercise regularly.
  20. Brush your teeth.
  21. Tell me the truth.
  22. Wait for me outside.
  23. Smile more often.
  24. Be careful when you cross the road.

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